Jazz collection is a dynamic lust-for-life attitude mixed with a lofty lounge lifestyle of jazz. Inspired by spacious forms, fast-moving city life, confident and raw power women, this collection takes a leap towards the new look of Ellen Richard summer. The collection came out right after we renewed our studio conception and joined forces with a handful of young Estonian designers, so in styling, you can see their work as well. Jazz collection has a sense of new beginning in it in many ways. We hope to keep this mindset and move more and more towards this combination of sexy, comfort, playful, unisex world, where our clients can be more unique in their choices, but most importantly, have a thoughtful product in their hands for many years to come.

The name of the collection JAZZ comes as expected, from the name of the music genre jazz. The collection connected with the genre in so many, mostly emotional, ways. All the emotions, improvisation, playfulness, sense of underground and alternativity – all very distinctive characteristics for our 2020 summers clothing line. All through the making of the collection, we were driven by improvisation and “go-with-the-flow” mindset, our goal was to put that sense into clothing and pass forward our jazz-like way of making the collection happen.

Photos by Kertin Vasser, make-up by Mari-Ly Kapp, models Alisa Grabovaja and Simona Porta (Sage Management)

Thank you Noa Restaurant, Kadi Adrikorn (headwear), Kristel Jänes (lingery), Piret Loog (bags), Rähn (Eyewear) and Claudia Lepik (Accessories).