The new fall-winter collection emphasizes our mindset of being aware and self-confident about not following trends, showing how to wear classical products playfully and interestingly.

Every new collection does not have to bring new trends to the streets or shout out new ideas that will get old when the upcoming season arrives. The ideal product stays fresh and combinable for many years to come, offering its wearer more confidence and time to think about other things than what to buy when the summer, spring our next fall comes. “Why do we follow trends when it does not make us a better person? Being trendy does not make anyone a better communicator, more successful businessman or more effective artist. Let’s wear something that applies to our character, let’s wear the clothes which tell our story, with what we have developed and grown. The collection Natuur is based on classical patterns, added some pop-up details to play and combine with. “The new line is made for a woman who shares our mindset and thoughts about fashion, consumption, style and life goals in general. We don’t need to keep up with fast-changing trends, we only need to rely on ourselves and create from the things we have!”

Thank you Kertin Vasser, Mari-Ly Kapp, Carina Pashkovich, Getter Killing, Elis-Hetty Leppik and Nils Hint

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