Spring brought in a lot of fresh creation, products and ways of vision. Additionally came the long linen kimono, trousers with the widening hems and the Saint-Michel dress-shirts, which are all still included to our lookbook and can yet to surprise our clients with some new wearing solutions. At the beginning of the 2018 spring, the same collection, inspired by the Nordic peacefulness, was set in front of the camera for the first time, and with the interior of the Hunetrior store, it managed to build a really free and comfortable home-like feeling. The conception of styling was all about the natural materials, which were used as a background and as accessories, combined together from the entwined baskets, wooden walls and benches. The soft light of the spring and our dark-grey kimono complemented each other through deep contrasts, letting our eyes to rest and to feel that great-weather-Sunday feeling even by looking at the outcome of the pictures.



Thank you Mari-Liis Fridolin, Daana Teekel, Oliver Moosus, Kadri Katariina jand Hunterior

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