Remarque shooting was an introduction for the upcoming Design Festival show and due to the fact that at the time we haven’t had any illustrative mindset shootings, it was an important and a markable happening. Therefore, we had a big public event coming which is why we considered it to be most necessary to get our message out there, especially when we had not done it before in such an “easy-to-understand” way. BE CONSCIOUS, WEAR DIFFERENT, BUY LESS slogans seemed quite too simplistic to just say for us and we wanted to present them in a very minimalistic way, such as tattoo or body paint. For styling, we took the Design show abstract dresses, combined them with the body art and as a result, got a really different outcome and our first mindset “poster” snaps. Would the next step take us to the streets?

Thank you Oliver Moosus, Gertrud Kiisa and Triin Abiline
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