Traditional menswear has always inspired us, but until this summer, we haven’t been able to combine these thoughts to our clothing line. Now, on the other hand, we had a perfect opportunity to bring back the inspiration from the closet of our grandfather for two reasons. First of all, Andreas Kübar joined in with the making of Ricks collection, while he was working on a school project about Kiviõli, which was grandfather Richards hometown. Secondly, the memories of my grandfather’s clothing just fitted beautifully with the ideas of this summer ready-to-wear pieces.
Ricks was a conscious man who wore out all the simple products with a playful charm – exactly what we encourage our clients to do! You do not need 5 different shirt-blouses if you can use one for multiple occasions! Ricks is truly our base collection, representing all the important sides of our design – modularity, menswear inspiration, abstract solutions and traditional detailing in a modern way.

Thank you Oliver Moosus, Eliise Proos, Getter Killing, Erik Lest, Elis-Hetty Leppik

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